WHY see a psychologist?


The human experience is... well... complicated. With so many different parts to our human lives, it is no wonder we are often conflicted and confused. And very often we lose sight of our inherent uniqueness and purpose. Therapy is there to help you rediscover yourself, and to free yourself from the limitations of other people’s judgment and worldly prescriptions.

Mental Toughness

The principle aim of psychotherapy is not to be superficially adjusted and “problem-free.” Rather, the aim is to help an individual acquire mental toughness in the face of life’s inescapable hardships, and to live a value-driven life that is true to one’s authentic self.

Sounding Board

It's amazing the break-through one can have when working through their troubles out aloud. A psychologist is the only place for some individuals to express their true feelings without any judgement. This is truly a liberating experience that results in tremendous growth in many clients.

Psychology Can Assist Everyone

In past times, it was generally believed that only “weak” or “crazy” people consult psychologists. Today, psychologists still treat serious mental disorders, but they also can provide many services for other reasons as well. Many of us feel lost or empty in a world that focuses on superficiality and immediate gratification. In fact, a healthy, meaningful, and spiritual life should be the core of human existence. Everyone can benefit from psychological services that improve and maintain mental and physical health, as well as intimacy and honesty in one’s life.